The VA loan is arguably one the finest loans on the market and one of the most misunderstood loans by Veterans and Real Estate Agents alike. I got out of the Marine Corps in 1982 and I bought 3 homes before I was able to use my VA benefits. The reason why it took me so long is prior to the Internet, getting good information on the VA loan was next to impossible. If you went to your local bank and asked about the VA loan, they looked at you like the RCA dog with her head cocked to the side. When you went to your local Realtor they weren’t interested or they didn’t know anything about the VA loan. The VA loan has matured throughout the years and it’s never been easier for a Veteran, who is honorably discharged and qualifies for the VA loan, to be able to use their benefits. I currently serve as the Vice President of the Orange County chapter of the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP). VAREP is a 501©(3)  nonprofit dedicated to educating veterans about their benefits and educating other mortgage professionals about how they can best serve the Veteran community. I created this video in hopes of answering 99% of any questions a Veteran, Real Estate Agent or a seller who has a VA offer would ask. I hope you enjoy it, it’s about 11 minutes long but very informative.