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Understanding the VA Loan Interview With Kevin Smith

Understanding the VA Loan has never been easier than it is now that we are in the information age. I can tell you that hasn’t always been the case. After I got out of the Marine Corps in 1982, I wanted to use my VA loan benefits but when I went for answers on how to take advantage of my benefits, I went to the VA, sought out realtors or visited the local bank and asked them about my benefits I got that RCA dog look with the head cocked to the side as if I was speaking Swahili. Once I became a loan officer and learned as much as I could about the VA loan, I made it my mission to try and help as many Veterans as I could. I still found that there is a stigma with Realtors because they really do not understand the loan.

I found an organization dedicated to educating and helping Veterans use their benefits called The Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP). I accepted the position of VP for the Orange County Chapter of (VAREP) specifically because I have found that even though we live in the information age, the VA loan continues to be a mystery to a lot of Vets and VAREP an outstanding organization with an incredible group of volunteers.

Here is an astonishing fact, only 13% of the 25 million veterans out there have used their VA loan benefits! Clearly we have a long way to go but I intend to do my part by helping as many veterans as I can, volunteering my time and I will be doing a series of articles on my blog. The video below is a short interview about debunking the VA Loan Myths with Kevin Smith with First Team. Kevin is an amazing Realtor, incredible human being in a volunteer who works tirelessly with VAREP so I was honored that he would ask me to do this video with him. It’s only about three minutes but it’s informative so I encourage you to go check it out.


Almost all of the recently released economic reports have been positive for the economic outlook

Almost all of the recently released economic reports have been positive for the economic outlook…Yesterday’s equity market rally is momentary evidence that investors are more relaxed about buying. How many times have we talked about volatility and uncertainty? It is increasing in magnitude now. A lot of the trepidation that dominated in January has lessened. How long it will be sustained is of course, data dependent. Our technicals, as we have been noting have lost a lot of the momentum we had in Jan and early this month. Crude oil has settled down and presently not much of a concern to traders. Lots of bullish comments now, stocks up. Good jobs today; if Friday’s BLS data mirrors the ADP data the Fed will be back in play on debates of a rate increase in two weeks. Probably won’t happen but the clock is ticking; if the economic outlook remains upbeat the Fed has a short window to move. There isn’t likely to be any Fed movement after August this year. All of this depends whether the economy is growing; we don’t believe it is and still look for lower rates this year…click here for more news

Mike Ferry Introduces Finance of America

Mike Ferry Introduces Finance of America; Most of you know Alpine/Pinnacle Mortgage was bought out by The Blackstone Group and now we are Finance of America. Although Finance of America maybe a fairly new name to most, we wont be for long. Watch this short video of Mike Ferry, one of the most influential people in the Real Estate Market talk about why he is excited about his relationship with Finance of America. Since 1975, The Mike Ferry Organization has been committed to providing Real Estate professionals with the very best in Real Estate sales training and coaching. We support Real Estate agents by producing innovative real estate training seminars, proven products to support those seminars, and developing ancillary programs that further enhance any agent’s ability to be more productive and highly profitable.

Mike Ferry’s mission statement; To provide effective Real Estate coaching, seminars and audio/video training products that improve and enrich the productivity, profitability, and lifestyle of our Real Estate clients. To uphold the integrity and trust of our clients as individuals and the Real Estate industry as a whole.

Rates Drop As Increasing Concerns Multiplying Daily Now

feb11Rates drop as increasing concerns multiplying daily now; not yet a panic but inching closer. Gold is rapidly increasing, from $1100.00 three weeks ago to $1238.00 this morning +11%. Definitely a flight to safety as uncertainty continues to grow. If you want cheer leaders now, go to CNBC, Bloomberg, or Fox; most of the guests remain optimistic. Crude oil continues to decline today even as the dollar weakens; crude trades in US dollars.

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ECB Leaves Key Interest Rate Unchanged

jan21ECB’s Mario Draghi this morning commenting that inflation is way down the line; he said there is no end to what the ECB will do to improve the outlook. Blowing in the wind; as we have noted recently central banks regardless of what they will or could do are becoming more impotent every day in the context of driving economic growth. Draghi said the bank needs to review its policy stance at its next meeting. The ECB left its key interest rates unchanged, but Draghi hinted the bank will review its stimulus at the March ECB meeting. The inflation rate in Europe was expected to pick up from the 0.2% recorded in December and average 1% this year, rising further in 2017. But Mr. Draghi said it is now possible that prices will start to fall again over coming months.

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